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As specialists in transport policy analysis, we have the capability to provide advice on: future mobility trends, electric vehicles, government incentives, ride-sharing, self-driving vehicles, travel demand management as well as many other novel transport topics of interest. Whether it be in the form of a consumer survey, or a peer-review of proposed transport initiatives, Transmobility Consulting can provide your organisation with the information it requires today to create a better future tomorrow.

Policy Advice

Working with government, non-government organisations and companies, we can assist with the development of your transport policy. This includes engaging with key stakeholders, whilst also providing critical advice on how best to deliver such policies based on global best-practice. Transmobility Consulting also offers consumer-engagement programs, where we can field test your policy initiatives to better understand consumer preferences, and improve policy outcomes.

Vehicle Fleet Analysis

Transmobility Consulting has developed an analytical tool to determine sustainable vehicle fleet transition pathways for your organisation or firm. By analysing your current vehicle fleet in terms of its age, size, driving requirements and costs, we are able to provide recommendations for future fleet purchasing decisions that will facilitate reductions in ongoing operational costs, with minimal impact on capital expenditure, all whilst improving your organisation’s green credentials.

Education and Awareness

Transmobility Consulting can provide a range of transport education and awareness services. Perfectly suited to being packaged with our vehicle fleet analysis services, we can increase awareness within your organisation about the benefits of low/no-emissions vehicles, provide test-drives of electric/semi-autonomous vehicles and provide courses to educate staff as how they can use and take advantage of these new transportation innovations.

About Us

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Providing expert advice on Transport Policy and Innovations

Transmobility Consulting Pty Ltd is directed by Jake Whitehead who holds the unique position of being involved with the cutting edge of transportation and mobility research in academia, whilst providing expert advice to all levels of government and non-government organisations on transport policy. Transmobility Consulting's ambition is to make a real difference to our world by driving innovative concepts within the transport and mobility sector by working with all organisations - large and small - to assist in the adoption of innovative transport technologies and services.

Our Team

Jake Whitehead

PhD (Transport Science); PhD (Energy Efficient Vehicle Policy); LicEng. (Transport Systems); MEng.; BEng. (Civil) (Hons)

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